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Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fairfax, Virginia

Being charged with a crime can carry with it heavy effect: you can lose your job, your family, or your freedom by ending up behind bars. The Fairfax, Virginia criminal defense attorneys at First Point Law Group, P.C. provide skilled representation for clients facing misdemeanor or felony charges throughout Northern Virginia (NOVA).

Our lead defense attorneys Katherine Martell and Jad Sarsour oversee all areas of defending your criminal charges; arraignments, bail hearings, preliminary hearings, probation hearings and sentencing hearings. Our team of attorneys have the experience necessary to build a solid defense for you, either in or out of court. Working to either reduce your potential sentence, or have it dismissed.

We accept all Criminal Defense cases, including:

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Areas of Practice

  • DUI/DWI – Virginia code §18.22-266, SS18.22-270 driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated; §18.2-271.1 loss of license after driving while intoxicated; vehicular manslaughter.
  • Drug Possession -Virginia code §18.2-250, drug possession, possession of a controlled substance; §18.2-250.1 drug possession, possession of marijuana; §18.2-248, §18.2-248.1, §18.2-248.03 possession with intent to distribute; §18.2-248, §18.2-248.1, §18.2-248.03 drug manufacturing, drug cultivation; §18.2-258.1 prescription drug fraud; §18.2-248.01 drug transportation; §18.2-256, §18.2-257 drug conspiracy and attempts; §18.2-265.3, §54.1-3466 possession of drug paraphernalia; juvenile drug offenses.
  • Drug Distribution – Virginia code §18.2-248 manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing or possessing with intent to manufacture, sell give or distribute a controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance; § 18.2-255 distribution of drugs to persons under 18.
  • Assault and Battery – Virginia code §18.2-57 assault and battery.
  • Domestic Violence – Virginia code §18.2-57.3 assault and battery; against a family or household member; restraining orders; custody concerns.
  • Weapons charges – Possession of a weapon without a permit; Virginia code §18.2-308 carrying a concealed weapon; §18.2-308 possession or transportation of a firearm by a convicted felon; §18.2-53 shooting in committing or attempting a felony; §18.2-53.1 Use or display of a firearm in the commission of a felony; §18.2-56.1 reckless handling of firearms; 18.2-282.1 brandishing a weapon.
  • Theft Offenses – Virginia code §18.2-103, §18.2-105.1 shoplifting; §18.2-168, §18.2-169, §18.2-170, §18.2-171, §18.2-172, §18.2-173 forgery; auto theft, §18.2-95 grand larceny; §18.2-96 petit larceny; robbery; identity theft; § 18.2-192 credit card theft; embezzlement; fraud; §18.2-89 burglary; §18.2-90; §18.2-91; §18.2-92 breaking and entering; §18.2-186.3.
  • Probation Violations – Failure to pay a fine; failure to attend mandated treatment programs; failure to attend a meeting with probation officer; failure to call probation officer; moving without informing probation officer; committing a crime while on probation.
  • Sex Crimes – Virginia code §18.2-6.1 rape; § 18.2-374 possession of child pornography; §18.2-63; §18.2-63.1, §18.2-64.1, §18.2-64.2, §18.2-67.1,§ 18.2-67.2 sexual assault; §18.2-67.3 aggravated sexual battery; §18.2-67.4 sexual battery; §18.2-67.5 attempted rape; § 18.2-346 prostitution; pandering; lewd conduct; § 18.2-387 indecent exposure.
  • Virginia Violent Crimes – Virginia code §18.2-57 assault and battery; assault; battery; §18.2-57.2 assault and battery of a family member; § assault on a police officer or firefighter; §18.2-6.1 rape; sexual assault; §18.2-67.4 sexual battery; §18.2-51.1 malicious bodily injury; §18.2-51.2 aggravated malicious wounding; § 18.2-415 disorderly conduct; §18.2-51 unlawful wounding; § 18.2-51 malicious wounding; §18.2-36 involuntary manslaughter; §18.2-35 voluntary manslaughter; vehicular manslaughter; § 18.2-32 murder.
  • Virginia Murder and Manslaughter – Virginia Code §18.2-30 murder and manslaughter; §18.2-33 felony homicide; §18.2-35 voluntary manslaughter; §18.2-36 involuntary manslaughter; §18.2-36.1 aggravated involuntary manslaughter.
  • Disorderly Conduct – Virginia code §18.2-415 disorderly conduct in public places.
  • Juvenile Crimes – Virginia code §18.2-46.2 gang-related activities and violence; §18.2-96 shoplifting;§18.2-95 larceny; §18.2-103 concealment; §18.2-57, §18.2-57.2 assault and battery; §18.2-61 date rape; §18.2-119, §18.2-137, 18.2-138 property crimes, trespassing, vandalism, breaking and entering, burglary, robbery; §4.1-305 underage drinking, minor in possession of alcohol; §18.2-250 drug distribution; § 18.2-248 drug possession.
  • White Collar Crimes – Embezzlement; fraud; mortgage fraud; computer fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, Virginia code §18.2-195 credit card fraud, §18.2-186.3 identity theft, Medicare and insurance fraud; forgery.
  • Corporate White Collar Crimes and Fraud – Embezzlement; fraud; mortgage fraud; computer fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, Virginia code §18.2-195 credit card fraud, §18.2-186.3 identity theft, Medicare and insurance fraud; forgery.
  • Internal Corporate Investigation
  • Internet Crimes
  • RICO/Money Laundering – Disguising the origin of money is a crime both in the United States and internationally. Numerous laws apply in this area, including section 312 of the U.S. Patriot Act, the U.S. anti-racketeering statutes (18 U.S.C. 1951-1968, commonly known as RICO), and the Bank Secrecy Act. Charges of money laundering are often brought along with drug trafficking cases, as well as charges of tax evasion, wire fraud and mail fraud.

If you have been accused of money laundering, complex federal statutes are likely to apply to your case. There may also be mandatory federal sentencing guidelines. It is essential that you work with an attorney who understands these laws, as well as how the laws are most often interpreted and applied by federal judges.

  • Military Criminal Defense – DUI; multiple DUI; drug possession; drug distribution, assault and battery; weapons charges; theft offenses; domestic violence, probation violations; sex crimes; traffic offenses; white collar crimes; violent crimes; murder/manslaughter; federal crimes; appeals.
  • Federal Crimes – Terrorism; treason; espionage; arms trafficking; human trafficking; child pornography possession or distribution; certain sex crimes; certain white collar crimes, certain types of fraud; arson; kidnapping; counterfeiting; tax evasion; RICO crimes; appeals


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